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Android Portfolio

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PositivoON Apps

PositivoON Student provides resources for students to make their homework, tests, materials and stay in contact with teachers.

PositivoON Teacher let teachers stay connected with students and their parents, organize an agenda, provide materials, revise student homework.

PositivoON Parents let parents contact teachers and keep up how their children performance at school.



Management software where you can integrate with your ERP, plan your operations, define activities and send for your team wherever they are.

Also, your team check-in to show where they are, execute their job using the app and check-out showing the job is done.


GRU Airport

GRU Airport app provides for their user to navigate in custom maps of the airport, locate stores, navigate using Waze and Google Maps from your current location to the airport and follow all the flights using your smartphone.

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Torres Inglaterra

Torres Inglaterra was an app for the building constructed by Artenge construction company in Brazil. The app used 360º images to show how the building would be when was finished, localization and provide the user to interact.

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